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10 Non-Touristy Things To Do In Sydney – There’s A Sydney Beyond The Opera House!

You know you are in Sydney when you find most tourists taking a cab or a walk to Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Both of these are awesome pieces of architecture.

Refer to every itinerary of Sydney, and you will be surprised to see the same 10-12 things to boast in each one of them. Well, Sydney has much more to offer. When Steve Jobs visited India in his early days, there’s less or no account of him doing the most touristy things. Right?

Sometimes, the best experiences are the ones which are left ignored by most. These experiences are the ones that play a big part in changing your life.

Here are 10 non-touristy things to do in Sydney and explore Sydney the Aussie way:

1. Take the Federation Cliff Walk

The fact that Aussies love walking is talked about all around the world. Walking might be absolute torture for others, but Aussies find walking a treat to the soul. Walking is not an unusual thing to do in Sydney. The landscapes near Bondi Beach are the most favourite spots among the locals of Sydney.

Walking on plain roads is boring. Why not try it on a hill or a cliff? The Federation Cliff, which ranges 5 kilometres atop a cliff is a little-known walk for you to enjoy some time alone amidst the postcard views that the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

Federation Cliff Walk

Crossing the walk just over a mile is a harbour waiting for you with its eye-catching views. The oneZs who initiate and make efforts to move further are rewarded with some of the very best sea views and an appetizing meal.

Stop… Admire the views….. Take some pictures….. Grab lunch!

Macquarie Lighthouse

A fact on says that on average, a person would need to walk seven hours to burn off a super-sized coke, fries, and a Big Mac. While you are in Sydney, we bet you will face a hard time ignoring Aussie cuisine. The best activity to digest such a meal will be a brisk walk on the dramatic walking track that The Federation Cliff offers.

A few things to not miss out while taking the walk:

  • The sparkling view of the Macquarie Lighthouse and the fascinating story behind the construction.

  • The Gap which was the sole reason for the sailing ship Dunbar to go shipwrecked.

  • The breathtaking views of the 80-metre sandstone cliff at Raleigh Reserve.

  • The views on the ocean on the left side while you walk will be encompassing a vast area for you to chill and take some pictures.

2. Take your child to teach archery at the Sydney Olympic Park

What’s going to excite your kid more – a session of astronomy at an auditorium or lessons that help your child become an archer? Being a good parent, you might be aware of the fact that children love to learn new things practically, rather than just viewing it from a distance.

Archery At The Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney has a spot that’s world-famous for its sports infrastructure and for hosting the Olympics. The archery centre at the Sydney Olympic Park is famous for its world-class archery programs and events. A three-session course at the archery centre can start the journey of aiming like a pro and finishing the thrilling activity just like the DC superhero Green Arrow.

The programme will teach your children the basic archery lessons and also allow them to participate in challenges going on live in the archery centre. There are always some live archery events for you and your child to witness at the Sydney Olympic Park. This might come as an unusual activity to do in Sydney for a tourist, but it’s one of the coolest ways to celebrate one of humanity’s oldest sports.

The Sydney Olympic Centre not only organises sessions to teach archery to kids and adults, but it also hosts a series of events and parties that allow you to bond with a group of people who share the same interest as you – archery.

Sydney Olympic Park

Once your child learns how to participate in the sport, he/she will have something to boast in school. Also, next time you want your child to learn astronomy, try taking him to the outer space along with making a trip to a space movie or buying books related to space for him.

3. Take a ferry ride to Manly Beach

Who knows all the thrill that you wanted on Sydney trip might be just a ferry ride away? Circular Quay to Manly, this ferry is the best way to relax amidst all the daily chores. Started back in 1855, it is one of the most common daily modes of transportation that people use to commute between these two areas.

Ferry Ride To Manly Beach

Also, it’s fun when you are in the backwater, that the route offers, allows you to finally escape out from the city stress.

If you are someone who dreads entering the water, then here’s a quote from Aristotle: He who has overcome his fears will truly be free one day.

Trust us; once you are down into the water a few nautical miles away from the beach, you will be attending a show that most tourists miss. A show full of fun and excitement – all thanks to Henry Gilbert Smith, who is known as the pioneer of this idea of a ferry between Circular Quay to Manly.

Ferry Between Circular Quay To Manly

Chills will run through your spine once you start letting the aquaphobia run out of your heart. The uncountable waves, mesmerizing ocean views, and the boats with a few big catches on board – it’s an amalgamation of features that one tries to find in the best of destinations outside a city.

The area will give you a completely different vibe – a vibe that won’t be touristy at all and a vibe that you won’t get in the nooks and crooks of the city. This 30-minute trip will be enough to meet and greet a few interesting locals and ask them out for a fun time at some bar in Manly later.

4. Treat yourself with the mouth-watering choices in Sydney

What food is Sydney famous for? Seafood will be the most common search result you find on the first few pages of Google. So, is it necessary with just treat yourself to fishes and lobsters in Australia? No, it’s not!

For all those who believe in breaking the shackles and try something non-touristy while on a trip, here’s a tip for you: The ‘eat streets’ in Sydney will offer more than just seafood. For instance, no travel bog will recommend you to try meat pies in Australia. However, it’s one of the most loved dishes by Aussies. It’s available on almost any shop, bakery and supermarket in Sydney. The best thing is that you can eat it on the go. Tasty and aesthetically pleasing, this pie will be a must-taste item when you write a travel blog for Sydney!

Famous Food In Sydney

You will find a collection of spectacular rooftop bars who have something unique to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The locals in Sydney also organise timely food and wine tours, which take you on an excursion to the coolest places to eat in Sydney.

Drink and dance all that you can, or walk around with the locals as much as you love to, there’s food in Sydney for every mood! The Aussies are also the inventor of a unique variety of cake known as the Pavlova. It’s a cake base topped with two of the most popular toppings – fruits and cream. It’s the perfect dessert if you have a sweet tooth.

Australia Famous For Beetroots

Australia will be a heaven for you if you love beetroots. Aussies put beetroots in everything – burgers, sandwiches, noodles, and often use it for garnishing too. In case you are not a big fan of beetroot, inform the cook beforehand.

5. Explore the best secret beach – Lady Martins Beach

There’s always something adventurous and picnicking about secret beaches. What’s best about the secret beaches in Sydney is the fact that most of these can be reached on walking trails. One such beach is the Lady Martins Beach.

Lady Martins Beach

This secret spot might be hard to find, and you may even lose the motivation to find it midway. Trust us, the trail is worth it! The moment you reach the destination, you will be the audience to the warm cyan water of the Lady Martins Beach. The long narrow stretch of sand is just like the beaches you saw in the movies and always dreamt of making a trip to.

Well, the wait is over! Located silently between the Double Bay and the Rose Bay, this beach is a calm retreat to beach lovers. This is also one of the best places to frame the sun rising and setting beyond the horizon.

Lady Martins Beach

The picturesque beach is the best for clicking photos for your Instagram account when the weather is clear. As you head towards the beach through the narrow path from Wolseley Avenue, you get a strong feeling of discretion. Besides the breathtaking views of the beach, you also get to see the beauty of diamond-clear water sparkling as the sun rays immerse into it.

This is one of the few attractions in Sydney that are still left undiscovered by itinerary makers. It’s a perfect getaway for both – a secluded getaway or a weekend party with your mates.

Besides this, Sydney is also the home to a few more beaches like the Milk Beach, Collins Beach, Chinamans Beach, and the Congwong Beach. In case you are planning to travel solo, make sure to extract full information about the beach you are planning to hit at.

6. Explore the underestimated nightlife of Sydney

Sydney Opera House in Night

We don’t want to kill your vibe of partying at night. Sydney doesn’t want to kill it either! The nightlife in cities like Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangkok are bustling hotspots of fun and excitement, no doubt! Sydney has a nightlife that attracts charged up socialites to the numerous discos, lounge areas, gay bars, cultural gigs, and nightclubs. If clubbing isn’t present in your itinerary, then include it now and get ready for some colourful streetscapes in the carnival-like clubs of Sydney.

As diverse the cultural life is, Sydney can become the centre of the world for nightlife lovers. In fact, this can be one of the fun things to do in Australia for a good trip. You can meet new people, greet them, drink as much as you want to, and stay happy in the happy hours.

One of the many pleasures of being in Sydney as night is the plethora of bars and clubbing options one gets. After a long day of meeting and greeting people and roaming around in the city, it feels good to relax in a bar and sample some authentic restaurants.

Sydney Harbour Bridge in Night

The nightlife in Sydney every year attracts a crowd that has an even split of foreigners and the locals. So, there’s nothing to worry about being a loner amidst an unfamiliar gathering. Who knows you may meet some of your countrymen after the sun sets? The vibes of Sydney will never leave you lonely!

7. Visit the most non-touristy place

How often do you visit a comedy club or a bar that allows standup comedians to perform their gigs? The comedy clubs in Sydney provide more fun than a barrel of monkeys and are one of the best things to do in Sydney. If you are looking for a LOL or ROFL moment during your trip, then Sydney is the best place to find a comedy club to laugh out loud!

Club for Stand Up Comedian in Sydney

World-famous stand-up comedians like Jim Jefferies, Wil Anderson, Justin Kennedy, and Big Al have made the Australian will to make the world laugh crystal clear. Standup shows have now become a venue that attracts the finest comics from all corners of Australia. The comedy clubs in the city are a great place to experience new gigs from standups who are on a constant mission to find new material to make you laugh.

Clubs for Stand Up Comedian in Sydney

You don’t have to worry about the days to visit a comedy club. In Sydney, you get the chance to become guests to clubs that showcase standup shows 7 days a week. If you are lucky enough, you may even experience a comedy session in the restaurant you are planning to visit. Clubs and restaurants in Sydney conduct impromptu standup sessions to help their customers relax.

A standup show in a city where you are on the “vacation mode” might come as a non-touristy thing, but it’s guaranteed that you will roll on the floor laughing at the end of the show. Is it bad to have a good laugh on a vacation?

8. Visit the Foodies and Farmers Market with your family

Flea markets and others that sell antiques are okay, but they feel touristy! With more than 70 food stalls and food trucks, this place is a paradise for Aussies on days when they feel gloomy or low. Good food is the best way to uplift feelings and the mood, and Aussies know this!

Certain places in the heart of Sydney and along the beaches offer tasty food. These are the places for people keeping a taste for urban food. Present on most itineraries, these places are always flocked with tourists. For people who want to try local Aussie food, the Foodies and Farmers Market is the place.

Foodies and Farmers Market

Plan a trip to this food hub at Menai Parc and treat your soul to the best food in Australia. Allot your dates accordingly as the Foodies and Farmers Market is a monthly night market. In case you have kids and you have concerns regarding their entertainment, Menai Foodies Market has several modes that ensure entertainment to your children at no cost. Your child can also experience a pony ride, carnival ride and bungee jumping amidst this food fair.

Eat as much food as you want, and as many cuisines as you want, (The market has a dunny on-site to take care of your stomach). The amalgamation of good Aussie food, soft music, and talented artisans is one of the best things to do around Sydney and will make the night unforgettable for you.

9. Go for a picnic at Wendy’s secret garden

Hailing from a land where there’s ample greenery, Sydney has secret gardens for you to chill and spend a good time with your near and dear ones. If you find yourself anywhere near Sydney Harbour Bridge, a visit to Wendy’s secret garden will help put you at ease from the honking cabs and the busy streets.

The garden is right next to the Luna Park, and it is being maintained by Wendy Whiteley, the wife of British artist Brett Whiteley. Since the last 20 years, she has been personally looking after the architecture and the landscapes that the garden covers. The garden owes her for its restoration and includes some mesmerizing views from the bushes. The grassy ground invites visitors and locals staying nearby to enjoy the sunset and sunrise too at times.

Wendy's secret garden-Sydney Harbour Bridge

The wee hours of the morning are known as the best time to pay a visit to the garden. You can even plan a day’s outing and bring your family, food, and some fun games for a pastime. The planters installed around the garden has an exotic feel to it. The garden accounts for being one of the most favourite green spots for the people dwelling in Sydney.

Wendy's secret garden- Harbour Bridge Sydney

If you are in search of an outpost that helps you escape the chaos of Sydney traffic, then Wendy’s garden is the best place for you. After a day that you spend checking “the best things to do in Sydney ” checklist, you can simply sit and unwind on the turf to enjoy the atmosphere that the garden provides.

10. Visit an open-air movie

Open-air movies are the talk of the town in Sydney all summer. Why not? Sitting on the grass or laying on it flat while the movie plays is an experience that most people cherish. For film fanatics, this experience is something that they add to their wishlists.

St. George OpenAir Cinema

With the locals gathering in huge amounts, open-air movies have become a staple of the summer in Sydney. The notorious temperaments of Aussies are on display throughout the movie, and you will have a fun time amidst the enthusiastic crowd. The St. George OpenAir Cinema at Mrs Macquaries Point in the Royal Botanic Gardens offers plenty of choices to customers. You can rent a beanbag or take cushions from the place you are staying to experience a movie with the view of the Harbour as the backdrop.

The stunning venue is the sole reason why we recommend you to book a movie at the St. George OpenAir Cinema. It’s the classiest screening venue that you may find anywhere in the world. The atmosphere is family-friendly and you can chill out with your loved ones here. Search for the big guns that the cinema is planning to screen next and book your seats ASAP!

Visit St. George OpenAir Cinema

Apart from this, you can find various other screening facilities around the city. A movie in a relaxed atmosphere in the pleasant Sydney weather is the best one can wish for.

Sydney can be the grandest destination, provided you catch both – touristy and non-touristy vibes in the city. Thank us later, plan your vacation first!

Why wait when you can take your next trip to Sydney now! With tourists flocking in from different corners of the world, Sydney is now one of the most popular tourist destinations.